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Mar 10, 2015
One of the most difficult things about choosing where you work is getting a complete picture of what it‘s really like there. What are the people like? What are their values? What are the types of challenges they get to work on day to day? There’s only so much that a career page and job description can expose. In the past, I’ve learned the most about companies from talking to the people that work there.
Whenever I get a shiny new SSL certificate for a production hostname I can’t help but feel some anxiety. Does the certificate have the proper intermediate chain? Does the private key match the certificate? Are the SANs correct? With Google’s deprecation of SHA1 certificates I have several services that need to have certificates re-issued and replaced. This felt like a good time to setup a small process I could use to test these certificates prior to putting them on production.
Node.js Web Service Functionality Out of the box, both Restify and Express treat HTTP request/response calls similarly. They create the purest JavaScript representation of their underlying HTTP counterparts. A request comes in, one or more JavaScript functions execute and a response is send to the client. A well architected Node.js web service/app needs to execute a host of functionality on each request: Request Validation Ensure the request conforms to the contract specified by your server.
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