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Quoting Sabine

May 05, 2024

On the difference in developing for Rust vs OCaml:

I love Rust. It’s so fast. It’s so beautiful. But you have to do all these types, all these clones, all these lifetimes and it can be really distracting.

When you’re doing something like web development where it’s mostly IO bound, where you’re waiting on the database, where you’re waiting on the HTTP request, where you’re doing all this waiting there is really no point to carry the burden of having to write all these types. Instead you’re in a situation where you’re developing something that you want people to use.

People, they give feedback, and they are really really happy when you react to that feedback. And when you can make the quick change, when you don’t have to rearrange and refactor your types and do all these things that you have to do in order to do a full refactor on a language with a very powerful type system.

Sabine from The Journey to OCaml on the Happy Path Podcast